We help real estate enterprises to reduce costs, improve services and boost revenues.

Persona-based recommendation engine for optimized transaction funnel, real estate focused GIS, NLP and many more globally.

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Built for the real estate industry

In order to boost your conversions and revenues you need industry-specific solutions instead of general eCommerce services


Trusted by 200k+ users, 4500+ agents, 660+ SMBs and many more.
And we've just started.

Livlia API created by focusing the main challenges and transformations of the current online real estate industry, for all size of enterprises all over the world.

Livlia API is also backing up Livlia.com portal which offers unique real estate solutions in Hungary for more than 660+ SMBs and 200k+ B2C customers on a monthly basis.

Decrease GIS costs with 50%, the user's search setting time by 70%
while increasing conversions up to 40%.

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