About Livlia

We help real estate businesses thrive worldwide

We started Livlia to change the game for real estate business. Our beautiful real estate portal and API connects people and real estate agents in a very special and unique way in the field of industry specific GIS, NLP and recommendation systems.

We’re proud to be helping over 660+ SMBs, several Franchise enterprises, and 220k+ users continuously. And we’re just getting started.

We believe that our beloved portal is a stepping point to international markets where we can help online real estate companies with unique and proven approaches to reduce costs, boost revenues and to provide quality services to their customers.

Founded in 2017 in Budapest, Hungary based Livlia is one of the fastest growing real estate software as a service company in the country and we are ready to step in the global real estate API market.


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Our duty towards you is to share our experience we're reaching in our work path with you.