Professionally designed, industry-specific maps, geocoding, POIs and real estate map layers. Reduce your mapping costs and provide a feature rich, beautiful solution to your customers in one.


Building blocks

real estate specific map, geocoding, POIs and many more

Industry-specific maps

We provide lightning fast, industry-specific localized maps - for the area you only need! Our maps are designed for applications that cover a specific region (i.e. a city, a country) making their usage cost-effective. Choose from our pre-defined map styles or custom-tailor all the details.


Search among thousands of amenities, shops and other points of interest! Our database is built upon the work of the OSM community ensuring that it will be kept up-to-date.


Geocoding and reverse geocoding is part of the vast majority of map-based applications. Our local databases and customizable address recognition make it more accurate for your customers to find what they are looking for.


Based on your real estate data and our external statistics we can provide your application or decision makers industry-specific spatial data - statistics for administrative areas, streets, regions making it easier to look for real estate listings or create reports about them.

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