Achieve better listing quality with our language processing engine. Analyzing the property's description makes us able to add more tags to search by or to create a similar description in foreign languages.


Building blocks

Listing description generator, feature tagging and localization

Listing description generator

Our artificial intelligence is capable to generate a live text description of the property, based on the feature and location data of it. No mistakes, no more forgotten information - always the same quality description generated automatically.

Feature extraction, living text search

Our text mining engine is ready to extract the features of your property from the description provided by your agents/clients making it possible to create more detailed search possibilities. Based on this service we are able to provide a search engine which can translate human text to search criteria, providing your users a unique experience.

Complex, deep translations

Built upon the description generator engine and the feature extraction capabilities our API is able to generate descriptions in foreign languages for your out-of-country users. With this API you can extend your user base beyond all international borders by dissolving the language barrier.

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