Recommendation API

Recommendation API

Building blocks

Property and user profiling, persona-based search

Property profiling & recommendation

real estate listings are different than any other product listing. The details of a property are more complex and can be personalized. In most cases, an experienced agent looks can determine what kind of person will likely buy a specific property. Our property profiler does the same.

We identified the most common buyer types (personas) based on the life phase and the financial opportunities of the client. Our API can determine how much a property fits for these personas based on our cutting-edge machine learning technology.

We can also recommend similar listings to a given one based on the fitting personas to help your users find properties that are interesting for them but based on their simple search it didn't show up with the original results increasing the probability of finding a matching result.

User profiling & recommendation

The property profiling can be extended with user profiling this way providing a unique experience for the browsers of your site.

Based on the listings already opened by the user we can determine what kind of person he/she is. Based on the persona detection we can recommend properties based on this profile.

We are also able to determine whether the user is fitting to one or more persona to grant them more personalized search opportunities.

Our recommendation engine is real estate specific therefore it can provide more accurate and interesting results than other, non-specific recommendation engines.

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